The Riverhill Family

I knew having a community of people to support you was important for my children to have at school, but I never realized how important it was for me as a parent until we became a part of the Riverhill Family.
- Laura Bethea, parent

I love Riverhill School because my friends and my teachers love me. I know this because my teachers are always asking me to do my best and my friends help me when I don't know the answer or fall down on the playground or need a friend.

- eloise Bethea, 3rd grade

  • The Riverhill School community reflects the direct involvement and personal interest Riverhill parents have in their children’s education.

  • Riverhill Parents participate in numerous areas of school life by being physically involved in projects at school and by donating funds to supplement and enhance the programs of the school.

  • Riverhill Parents are encouraged to participate in activities such as accompanying students on field trips, presenting special lessons in the classrooms, volunteering in the library, organizing Family Fun nights, and planning school-wide events.

RAPS - Riverhill Association of Parents and Students

  • The Riverhill Association of Parents and Staff (RAPS) is comprised of all parents and staff of Riverhill.
  • RAPS is instrumental in organizing and leading events such as Fall Festival, Staff Appreciation Week, Spring Fling, the Daddy-Daughter Dance, the Mother-Son Night, and major fundraising events each year.
  • Funds raised by RAPS are donated back to the school and are used to update and improve areas around the campus and to enrich the academic programs of the school.
  • Parent involvement through RAPS is an integral part of Riverhill School.
    RAPS Questions:

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