The Kindergarten environment at Riverhill is a nurturing one where the children are made to feel safe, secure, and loved and are encouraged to become more independent and responsible. As would be expected, the Kindergarten curriculum is an advanced one; it challenges the students to think outside the box with numerous hands-on activities and explorations. The students learn about Famous Americans, Ocean and Sea Life, Metamorphosis, the Food Pyramid, and so much more! The Riverhill Kindergarten environment also encourages the children to use their imaginations as they engage in unique learning experiences. As a result, the children discover learning is fun and begin to develop a lifelong love for learning while still in the early years of their education.

In addition, the Kindergarten students are involved in several Enrichment Classes: Art, Music, Spanish, Computer Lab, Robotics Lab, Science Lab, and Library. Community Service projects are also an important aspect of kindergarten. The children discover the joy and satisfaction of looking “outside” the classroom—and themselves—as they reach out to the St. Florian Police Department, local assisted living facilities, and other community organizations. Riverhill Kindergarten in Florence, AL is an exciting place where learning is fun!


Curriculum Summary