1st Grade

At Riverhill School, the first grade is focused on the development of the whole child. We implement a positive learning environment where the child has multiple opportunities to learn. First grade is a special time in a child’s life. This is a time when a child gains self-confidence in his/her learning as well as develops a love for learning. In first grade at Riverhill, the goal is to continually challenge each child to his/her potential. This is done through constant teacher-student interaction in learning as well as through a research-based curriculum. By using various forms of teaching, first grade at Riverhill School provides the appropriate challenge a child needs at this age. In first grade, numerous cooperative learning groups give students a chance to interact with their peers and to solve problems collaboratively. The Reading program ensures that every child is receiving the individual attention he/she needs through small groups and hands-on learning. Reading aloud to children makes the world of difference in developing a love of reading. In first grade, students are continually exposed to new books and materials. Every child is able to accelerate through the use of manipulatives, technology, literature, and writing. The intimate classroom environment and dedicated teachers allow children to be successful in all areas of learning. The moral and ethical values provided enable children to succeed now and in the future. First-grade students learn the meaning of respect of self, others, school, and the community by the example set as well as by the incorporation of positive peer interaction across the curriculum daily.


Curriculum Summary