Arts and Foreign Language


Painting, drawing, crafts, batiking, pottery, projects in design, and art history are just some of the art offerings at Riverhill. Because the creative process and the finished product is emphasized, students thrive in their weekly art classes. In addition, taking part in drama and music activities helps students develop important skills and encourages self-confidence. Beginning in the early grades, children present puppet shows, poetry readings, skits, musicals, and plays for both student and parent audiences.




Our Music program spans PreK2 through 6th Grade. In the early grades, students are encouraged to have an appreciation for all genres of music. We make it fun with the addition of musical instruments and movement. The first and second grade students advance to learning musical notations, the musical alphabet, time signatures, dynamics, and tempo–all the skills that help them excel in the basic knowledge of music and performance. These students often learn songs in English as well as foreign languages. Our third through sixth grade students have the option to participate in Show Choir and school musicals. Show Choir focuses on blending the appreciation of different musical styles with the ability to provide an entertaining performance experience. One of our favorite parts of the music program is when we share our talents school wide or in our community.




Foreign Language – COMING SOON!