5th Grade

Fifth grade is an exciting year of growth and discovery. The year begins in history with a geological dig which introduces the study of ancient civilizations. Students discover early explorers through reports and trade maps. Students host a Boston Tea Party and a “Wax Museum”. Many school-based projects enhance the children’s learning: Revolutionary War Project, President’s Project, 50 States Project, and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The students become experts at identifying famous art works through a year-long study of major artists from history. They also paint their own renditions of these art pieces; this study culminates with a Spring Art Show. Technology is an important part of our 21st Century classroom. Computers are used daily to gather and search for information. Keyboarding is also taught. Science is lab-based, and the students are introduced to chemistry and biology. They also perform dissections. We end our body systems unit with the dissection of a fetal pig, and they get to hold a real human brain! Students become better readers and writers through our study of English and composition. Students create a poetry notebook and host a Poetry Party for parents. Fifth graders also travel to Washington, D. C., once every two years with the sixth graders where they explore the city as they learn more about the government of the United States. Learning is fun, creative, positive, and challenging in the fifth grade. It truly is the way school is supposed to be!

Curriculum Summary