25 Reasons We Love Riverhill

Riverhill School is often called “The Way School Should Be”. There are so many reasons why the Riverhill Family embodies a community of people who love learning and love each other, but here are 25 reasons why we love it:

  1. Students who are excited and ready to learn
  2. Dedicated, loving, caring, supportive staff
  3. One Family (Students, Parents, Staff)
  4. Community Service Projects
  5. Active, supportive, helpful parents
  6. Lifelong friendships
  7. Safe learning environment
  8. Teamwork (Students, Parents and Staff)
  9. Culture of excellence
  10. “Cool” to be smart and dedicated to learning at Riverhill
  11. Family nights
  12. Confidence-building staff
  13. Visits from alumni
  14. Clean campus
  15. AISA Blue Ribbon School
  16. Reputation of academic excellence
  17. Accepting of each other (and each other’s mistakes)
  18. Excellent AdvancEd IEQ Score of 338 (Average for Other schools: 278)
  19. Inclusive
  20. Everyone says Good Morning!
  21. Wonderful memories
  22. Enrichment classes
  23. Positive communications
  24. New Campus