25 Reasons the Riverhill Staff Loves Their Students

It’s no secret that the Riverhill Staff loves their students so much! We asked them to name 25 reasons why, and here is what they said:

  1. They are willing to explore new ideas.
  2. They are unique.
  3. They have sweet spirits.
  4. They enjoy laughing.
  5. They make us feel loved – every day.
  6. They are super creative.
  7. They make us smile.
  8. They love, encourage, and look out for each other.
  9. They have distinct personalities.
  10. They give the best hugs ever.
  11. They are generous and always ready to help others.
  12. They are excited and eager to learn new things.
  13. They are enthusiastic and hard working.
  14. They challenge us to learn new things.
  15. They have great imaginations.
  16. They are not afraid to express their opinions.
  17. They are respectful of adults and of each other.
  18. They know how to enjoy the “small” things in life as well as the “bigger” things.
  19. They have wonderful smiles and give them freely.
  20. They always do their best.
  21. They are confident.
  22. They share great stories.
  23. They inspire us to be better teachers and better persons.
  24. They make teaching fun.
  25. They fill our days with joy!