STEM News April 2017

Interesting facts about pollinators…

  • Pollinators support biodiversity.
  • Honeybees visit five million plants to make one pint of honey.
  • Butterflies and moths need a place to land on the flower so they prefer flat, broad-faced flowers.
  •  Nighttime pollinators like moths and bats are attracted to the sweet scents or odors of the blooming plants.

 Riverhill Technology Fair

We will be hosting a Technology Fair on May 11, 2017. We are in need of judges and volunteers to assist with different components of the Technology Fair. The student activities are as follows: In PreK-K, we need volunteers to assist with hands-on activities or demonstrations of computer activities. The students in grades 1st – 6 th will be competing in at least the presentation category and possibly other categories from projects completed in computer class. The judges will be interacting one on one with students to evaluate their projects based on the amount of time and technology quality of the products. We value your time and would love your participation all day; however, if it would more convenient to volunteer for an AM time (8:00 -11:45) or PM (11:45-3:00) we would appreciate your assistance at any point during the day.

Topics of Study

  • Creating Kites
  • Pollinators
  • Gardening
  • Ecosystems/Biomes
  • Prezi/Google Slide Presentations
  • S2 Robots (Logic/Programming)
  • VEX IQ Robot Build  VEX Catapult and Crossbow Builds
  • Engineering Hands on Stations
  • Color Match/Sight Word Learning