Language Arts

LanguagesThe joy of the written word is central to Riverhill’s language arts program. Reading, writing, and the examination of good literature are balanced with creativity. PreK-3 through second grades receive language arts instruction through The Open Court ® program. A literature-based reading program is used in grades 3-5. Sixh Grade students read novels with a emphasis on literary analysis. Accelerated Reader is used as an enrichment to encourage a love of reading. Personal journals are incorporated in many grade levels to help students learn to express themselves through writing. Students study grammar and learn to write analytically as their vocabularies grow. Riverhill teachers believe in interdisciplinary writing and use a variety of approaches to achieve student success.

Foreign Language

There’s nothing foreign to Riverhill students about languages! The study of Spanish begins in pre-kindergarten so that students develop an ear for new sounds and pronunciations. Spanish is fun and so are Spanish games, foods, and customs. Riverhill graduates’ exposure to foreign language puts them a step ahead in future foreign language studies.