Good communication is a top priority at Riverhill. To ensure this good communication, Riverhill maintains an open door policy as well as use of every form of communication available. Teachers send papers home for parental review. RenWeb Parent Alert is used to call for reminders of school-wide events. ParentsWeb is used for parent access to school calendars, teacher lesson plans, student grade reports, lunchroom menus, and family billing. All teachers check email daily and email addresses are available through ParentsWeb. Families may sign up for ParentsWeb by visiting this link. Please follow the “Create New ParentWeb Account” link, using RH-AL as the school code. Also, please note that your email address must be entered by Riverhill School BEFORE you can sign up for an account. In addition to all of the above, formal parent-teacher conferences are held once a year. Riverhill, however, maintains an open-door policy, welcoming meetings as needed.

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