Spanish, Art & Music Happenings August/September 2016

A couple of things that set Riverhill apart as an elementary school in the Shoals are our enrichment classes and the continual challenge of our students to achieve the highest levels of learning. Students visit each Enrichment class for 30 minutes per week. In these classes, they are exposed to content that when learned, compliments and improves their homeroom class work.

Here’s a quick look at what has been going on with the SAM department.

Art Expose’ By Lisa Wallace

Art is off to a good start in our new “Art Closet”. We have covered “A” is for…Apple, airplane, alligator, apron, and Asian Art. Each class has had their own project per week, with art terms, art tools, and famous artists being discussed. Eric Carle, Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keefe, and Leonardo da Vinci are a few famous folks we have covered. Other projects include, “B” for buildings, beetle bugs, boats, and barns. Looking forward to more September fun in art class. Please feel free to visit anytime. ” Art is fun, messy, and full of adventure.” (per unanimous).

Spanish Spotlight By Sra. Corbett

Currently in Spanish, we are learning our ABC’s and our numbers in Pre K4 through Kindergarten, although every class recites the alphabet at the very beginning of class. This will help us read in Spanish! First through sixth grade have kicked off the year super chatty as we are learning how to converse! They are currently working on greeting people, so we take turns during class to converse with our classmates. Along with the alphabet, they have also been reciting their vocabulary words/phrases in preparation for their first vocabulary matching test on September 29th! Third through sixth grade have also chosen their country for their Country Infographic Project. Only a select few will be chosen to be displayed at this year’s International Family Fun Night. We are also currently accepting new members for our first International Club! Forms are available at the front desk and are due by Friday, September 23. This year is going to be a great year!

Music Moment By Allison Delbert

It is my goal to have students study a composer, musical genre, musical concept and instrument each month. We studied about Bach, the Blues, Melody and the Trumpet during August. The students learned through interactive movement with rhythm sticks and scarfs, singing and listening to compositions. In September, we are going to be learning about Mozart, Jazz, Rhythm and the Saxophone. Plus we have a special performance for the Grandparents at the end of the month. For more details about our music class plans, visit the Riverhill Music Blog.